Staff Cafeteria Redevelopment
The Staff Cafeteria was redeveloped thanks to the generosity of a supporter of the hospital, who left a bequest to St Andrew’s. The project included a full fit-out, new appliances, chairs, tables, flooring and cabinetry. The area is visited by staff and volunteers during their meal and tea breaks, and is now a welcoming, modern and purpose built environment.

Gamma Probe, Breast Cancer
The Pink and Blue Swim/Walk once again raised significant funds, enabling the Foundation to purchase a Gamma Probe. The probe is used to enable breast surgeons to identify, during a biopsy, the sentinel (lymph) node/s to be removed and assessed. In some cases, it can be necessary to remove several or all lymph nodes to prevent the spread of cancer. However, the gamma probe allows specific identification and removal of the main node/s only, reducing complications that may occur if all nodes are removed.

IV Training Arm
Intravenous cannulation is a procedure that is necessary for nearly all of our surgical patients. The cannula is often initially inserted by the medical officers, but requiring re-siting by nursing staff after a period of time to maintain patient safety and minimise the risk of infection. The IV Training Arm allows real life simulation of skin and veins so that nurses are able to learn, practice and become confident and competent in a safe environment.

2nd, 3rd and 4th Floor Patient Lounge Refurbishments
Patients and visitors alike benefit from a place to rest and chat, outside the patient room. Sometimes doctors also appreciate a quiet and comfortable area to talk with a patient and their family members. The refurbishment of the patient lounges has involved new artwork, sofas and chairs, tables and in some areas, new flooring and lighting.

Recliner Chair, Critical Care Unit
Patients in Critical Care often benefit from sitting up in a comfortable chair during their recovery. The chairs are especially designed for patient use and feature tilt function, adjustable backrest, a handset control and lockable castors for easy mobility.