Current Projects Requiring Support

The St Andrew's Hospital Foundation is currently seeking philanthropic support from the community to enable the projects listed below. 

We invite you to help us maintain St Andrew's reputation as a premier health care facility in South Australia. 

Transoesphageal Echocardiogram (TOE) - $350,000

The TOE probe and console is used for every patient undergoing cardiothoracic surgery. The probe is inserted through the mouth, into the oesophagus and allows the anaesthetist to view the heart from the beginning to the end of cardiac surgery.  This guides the treatment and care of the anaesthetised patient which can have a significant impact on patient outcomes.   

Advances in technology now enable 3D imaging which provides more detailed and better visualisation of the heart, thereby potentially improving outcomes for cardiac surgery patients.

St Andrew’s Hospital Foundation – Scholarship Program

The success of St Andrew’s is built on the skill and passion of its staff. 

There continues to be significant changes in how health services are delivered, where they are delivered and to whom.  This requires innovation, better integrated multidisciplinary teams and a culture based on team work. 

Work environments that foster strong nursing practice include collaborative teamwork, autonomous decision making, professional development, adequate staffing and skill mix which are most closely aligned with patient care and safety.

St Andrew’s Hospital seeks to foster a culture of continuous organisational learning and development through targeted internal and external training and development programs. St Andrew’s Hospital Foundation has created scholarships that continues an individual’s professional development outside their day-to-day work.  These programs include:

The Janet Hay Clinical Scholarship - $6,000 per scholarship

The Janet Hay Clinical Scholarship is offered for post graduate clinical studies.  Staff and students are required to demonstrate how the course applies to their work area and career development at St Andrew’s Hospital.

A minimum of three scholarships are annually provided.  Each post graduate course consists of between six to eight modules.  The Janet Hay scholarship meets the costs associated with one module of the post graduate course. 

The Leadership Scholarship - $15,000 

The Leadership Scholarship is offered to all St Andrew’s Hospital staff. The Leadership program develops:

  • an individual’s knowledge and skills as effective managers and leaders
  • skills to better manage staff, engage, align and empower their talents
  • an individual to set and achieve personal and professional goals; and
  • to raise an individual’s capability with an operational focus to the strategic goals of the hospital

The accredited study program provides a leadership platform for St Andrew’s Hospital to further build upon an individual’s knowledge and skills to support the strategic objectives of the hospital.


Refurbishment of Visitor’s Rooms  (4 rooms) - $10,000 per room
Seating in the foyers (4 areas) - $5,000 per area

Access to modern and comfortable visitor and patient lounges are an important part of the St Andrew’s experience. Each floor has two private lounges and one waiting area near the nurses station.

The lounges are used for private meetings between doctors and family members and are also accessed by both patients and visitors to relax in as an alternative to their rooms, but still on the ward near nursing staff. All are fitted with emergency equipment should it be required.