Patient Safety & Quality

St Andrew’s is committed to delivering excellence in patient care and clinical services and our vision is to provide safe and high quality care for all of our patients. This is articulated to all our staff and volunteers via the Safety & Quality Framework that defines that the care provided at St Andrew’s Hospital is:

1. Patient focused

This means providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual preferences, needs and values. It means a partnership between consumers, family, carers and St Andrew’s Hospital as their healthcare provider. Processes of care are designed to optimise the patient experience.

2. Driven by information

This means enhancing knowledge and evidence about safety and quality. Safety and quality data are collected, analysed and fed back for improvement. Action is taken to reduce unjustified variation in standards of care, and to improve patients’ experiences and clinical outcomes.

3. Organised for safety

This means that safety is a high priority in the design of health care. Organisational structures, work processes and funding models recognise and reward taking responsibility for safety.

Underpinning our commitment to delivering excellence and continuous improvement is the desire and ability to continually measure how well we are performing. This performance measurement includes clinical and non-clinical audits, independent stakeholder surveys, patient feedback mechanisms and accreditation surveys.

We are proud of our successes and by evaluating our performance, we can identify areas where we can do better and seek to make improvements so as to deliver excellent patient outcomes.