Breast Centre

The Breast Clinic is an association between St Andrew's Hospital, Dr Jones & Partners - medical imaging practice, and a selection of Adelaide's leading surgeons specialising in breast care. This multidisciplinary service provides specialist knowledge in the fields of breast imaging, diagnosis and treatment - all within one private area adjacent to the main hospital entrance.

A comprehensive range of medical imaging facilities is available including:

  • stereotactic mammography
  • high-resolution ultrasound
  • C.T.
  • nuclear medicine
  • M.R.I.

The clinic's objective is to:

  • attend to patient's medical needs in the shortest possible time
  • provide access to the specialist knowledge of South Australia's best surgeons and radiologists

Some patients may be apprehensive. The Breast Clinic’s medical team will do their utmost to minimise any discomfort.  A specialist Breast Care Nurse is available to offer counselling if required.

It should be noted, that every patient will be provided with the results of their assessment and any treatment recommendations before they leave the clinic.

Breast Clinic
Telephone:  (08) 8408 2151