Stomal Therapy

St Andrew’s Hospital offers a comprehensive Stomal Therapy Nursing service for patients who have had surgery resulting in an abdominal stoma.

Our Stomal Therapy Nurses aim to support patients and their family - before and after surgery - to enable the patient to enjoy a full and active life.

Outpatient Service

Outpatient appointments can be made by direct contact with St Andrew’s; no medical referral is required. To make an appointment call 84082164 (Monday to Friday 9am – 2.30pm)

Outpatient services are for people that are either having or have had their stoma surgery at St Andrews Hospital. For all other people, our Stomal Therapy Nurses can advise you on other outpatient clinics available in Adelaide.


In most cases your surgeon will refer you to the Stomal Therapy Nursing Clinic before your admission to hospital. When this is not possible, a Stomal Therapy Nurse can arrange a phone consult or see you when you are admitted to hospital.

Reimbursement of fees

Insured patients should contact their Health Fund to determine benefit levels. Uninsured patients should enquire about fees when making an appointment.

If you need to be admitted

A pre-operative visit to the Stomal Therapy Nursing Clinic will provide you with:

  • information and counselling

  • advice about stoma appliances

  • an appropriate position for your stoma

After surgery

A Stomal Therapy Nurse will visit you regularly whilst you are in hospital to:

  • teach you how to manage your stoma
  • ensure you have a suitable, comfortable stomal appliance fitted

  • arrange supply of stoma appliances for discharge

  • organise follow up care for when you leave hospital

Follow up care

You will be given an appointment to attend the Stomal Therapy Nursing Clinic after you leave hospital for:

  • assistance with your stoma and skin care

  • evaluation of your stomal appliance

  • counselling and problem solving

Should you experience any difficulties once you return home you are welcome to consult the Stomal Therapy Clinic nurse direct by phone Monday to Friday on 8408 2261 or schedule an appointment by calling 8408 2164.