Completed Projects


Breast Cancer Patient Lounge
The Pink & Blue Swim have been supporting breast cancer care at St Andrew’s Hospital for many, many years. They have made possible the purchase of vital equipment and the refurbishment of spaces used by the breast care team, and we could not be more grateful for all their care and support. This most recent project enabled the Hospital to establish a purpose-built break room for cancer patients. Creating welcoming and comfortable spaces for patients undergoing some of life's most difficult moments is of great importance to patient care at St Andrew's.  


Faxitron Specimen Radiography Systems
The Hospital was able to purchase two Faxitron High Definition Specimen Radiography Systems to help ensure the best possible outcomes for our breast cancer patients. The system provides clarity on what the surgeon can see during surgery. The 4HD technology facilitates the removal of the correct amount of cancerous tissue, improving both cancer and cosmetic outcomes for the patient. The Faxitron also minimises anaesthetic duration and therefore hastens patient recovery. This project was made possibly by the generous donors who contributed to our 2021 appeal. 

Ultrasound Machine, Emergency Department
The Hospital identified that an ultrasound machine for the Emergency Department (ED) would help play an important role in increased patient safety. The ED specifically needed a small machine to fit into their smaller cubicles. Also they needed their own as there are times when the ED ultrasound is needed absolutely immediately so to have a dedicated system in the ward was important. Having an ultrasound in the ED can help diagnose immediately life threatening conditions such as severely collapsed lungs, bleeding around the heart, or bleeding from the aorta. On the advice of Dr Paul Gaetjens, the Hospital's Medical Director, the Foundation were delighted to support the purchase of this equipment. 

Paediatric Ward Update
We are thrilled that, as a result of collaboration with the hospital and the wonderful support from our donors, we have been able to include a bathroom in the new ward. Previously, there was no bathroom in the space, so this is a major improvement for our patients and families. As a significant upgrade to the hospital, we are delighted to have provided this light, bright and purpose-built space for our paediatric patients. Thank you to our donors who helped us raise $78,500 during our 2020 Annual Appeal, your contribution throughout a difficult last 12 months has been inspiring and very much appreciated. It has shown us the extent of the community’s tremendous support for St Andrew’s.


Staff Cafeteria Redevelopment
The Staff Cafeteria was redeveloped thanks to the generosity of a supporter who gifted a bequest to St Andrew’s. The project included a full fit-out, new appliances, chairs, tables, flooring and cabinetry. The area is visited by staff and volunteers during their meal and tea breaks, and is now a welcoming, modern and purpose built environment.

Gamma Probe, Breast Cancer
The Pink and Blue Swim/Walk once again raised significant funds, enabling the Foundation to purchase a Gamma Probe. The probe is used to enable breast surgeons to identify, during a biopsy, the sentinel (lymph) node/s to be removed and assessed. In some cases, it can be necessary to remove several or all lymph nodes to prevent the spread of cancer. However, the gamma probe allows specific identification and removal of the main node/s only, reducing complications that may occur if all nodes are removed.

IV Training Arm
Intravenous cannulation is a procedure that is necessary for nearly all of our surgical patients. The cannula is often initially inserted by the medical officers, but requiring re-siting by nursing staff after a period of time to maintain patient safety and minimise the risk of infection. The IV Training Arm allows real life simulation of skin and veins so that nurses are able to learn, practice and become confident and competent in a safe environment.

2nd, 3rd and 4th Floor Patient Lounge Refurbishments
Patients and visitors alike benefit from a place to rest and chat, outside the patient room. Sometimes doctors also appreciate a quiet and comfortable area to talk with a patient and their family members. The refurbishment of the patient lounges has involved new artwork, sofas and chairs, tables and in some areas, new flooring and lighting.

Recliner Chair, Critical Care Unit
Patients in Critical Care often benefit from sitting up in a comfortable chair during their recovery. The chairs are especially designed for patient use and feature tilt function, adjustable backrest, a handset control and lockable castors for easy mobility.


Breast Cancer Treatment Room and Drain Bags, 3rd Floor
The treatment room fit out and equipment purchases were made possible by funds raised through the 2019 Pink and Blue Swim/Walk. The room provides a private, purpose-built facility for breast cancer patients to meet with nursing staff for counselling, dressing changes, wound and drain care and the provision of post-operative garments, prosthesis and surgical aids.

Patient Treatment Chairs, Chemotherapy Suite
Four chemotherapy treatment chairs were purchased as a result of the 2019 Annual Appeal and are an essential part of making the experience of chemotherapy as comfortable as possible. The custom chairs have powered height adjustment, three pre-set memory options and patient hand controls. There is a built in tray table for reading, and supporting a laptop or meal tray.


Rooftop Garden, Eastern Clinical Development
Our brand new Eastern Clinical Development, opened in early 2018 boasts a landscaped rooftop garden which was made possible by a very generous donation to the Foundation. Patients and their families can now enjoy a quiet, restful and private space to take in some fresh air and relax during their recovery. 


Additional Training Console - da Vinci Surgical Robot 
Philanthropist and SA businessesman Mr Gordon Pickard AM has been a significant supporter of robotic surgery at St Andrew's Hospital. In 2017, we were very fortunate to receive additional philathropic support to enable the purchase of a second training console for the robot. The new acquisition enables more complex robotic surgery and ensures remarkable patient outcomes. Additionally, the equipment facilitates two surgeons to operate simultaniously and in a training enviroment. In 2017, we were the first hospital in South Australia to perform a prostate and bladder removal, and bladder reconstruction - another first for St Andrew's.

O-Arm 2 
Through the generous support of a donor, we were able to purchase the latest equipment to facilitate a new specialty at St Andrew's. The O-Arm 2 allows surgeons to precisely view the patient in 'real-time' via 3 dimensional medical imagining. This is partiularly critical for cranial work and is now also being used for a number of additional specailties including orthopaedic and spinal surgery.

Blanket Warmer, Chemotherapy Suite 
Warm blankets are like a big huge hug if you are a patient in hospital! Our generous donor provided funds to purchase a new larger blanket warmer for our chemotherapy suite and our patients are now kept comfortably warm during their treatment. 

Waiting Lounge Refurbishment - Critical Care Unit 
The foundation recently completed the refurbishment of the family waiting lounge outside our Critical Care Unit. Artwork was generously donated by Dr Steven Schueler, Director of Emergency and professional photographer! 

iPads, Chemotherapy Suite 
Through donations from two supporters of the Foundation, each patient treatment chair now has its own iPad. Doctors and nurses are now able to access health information at the 'bedside', including test results, medications and other information. Similarly, patients use the technology to listen to music, meditation and read information provided about their treatment and medication. 


Cold Cap, Chemotherapy Suite 
Chemotherapy treatment is widely associated with hair-loss and for many patients, can be one of the most challenging parts of cancer treatment. Hair-loss occurs because the chemotherapy drugs can damage hair follicles. The Cold Cap is state-of-the-art technology that provides gradual cooling and digital monitoring to ensure optimal patient comfort. The machine reduces blood flow to the head and subsequently, the uptake of the drug to the hair follicles thereby reducing hair-loss. We were delighted to be able to purchase an addition cold cap for the suite as a result of an equipment campaign. 


da Vinci XI Surgical Robot 
Mr Gordon Pickard AM enabled the purchase of the da Vinci XI Surgical Robot which revolutionised the way a number of surgeries are performed at St Andrew's. Most commonly used for Urology, the robot is now used for ENT, Colorectal, Gynaecology, and General Surgery. In addition to private cases at St Andrew's, we also undertake all robotic surgery for the public sector. Our surgeon's are leaders in the field of robotic surgery and we thank Mr Pickard for making this a reality for our patients.