St Andrew’s hospital is currently accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS)

Accreditation is recognised as an important driver for safety and quality improvement. It is public recognition by a healthcare accreditation body of the achievement of a set of accreditation standards by an organisation and their level of performance in relation to these standards.

Accreditation systems are considered to comprise five key elements:

  1. Governance or stewardship function
  2. A standards-setting process
  3. A process of external evaluation of compliance against those standards
  4. A remediation or improvement process following the review
  5. Promotion of continuous quality improvement.

In November 2018 the Hospital completed a Periodic Review with ACHS.  This assessment entailed two ACHS surveyors spending three days at St Andrew’s Hospital to verify the Hospital’s compliance to the relevant National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS) and ACHS EQuIPNational Standards. 

The surveyors spent time talking with staff, patients and key committee members as well as reviewing documentation, systems and practices.  The feedback from the survey team was very positive and we are confident that we will make a successful transition to the second edition of the National Standards which came into effect in early 2019.