Children as patients

Children will either be admitted to the Day Patient Suite or a 4-bed share Children’s Ward.  While we recognise that you may prefer a private room, it is a requirement that, in the interest of your child’s safety, we closely monitor them post operatively.  This can be best achieved through share room accommodation, where all the necessary equipment is located.

As a parent, you may stay overnight and will be provided with:

  • a recliner chair or a fold-out stretcher
  • meals
  • use of hospital facilities

If your child has special dietary requirements or favourite foods, please feel free to bring them with you. However we do request parents to be sensitive to the fasting requirements of other children in the ward. And if your child requires formula milk, please bring this with you too.

One parent is welcome to attend theatre until your child falls asleep. For hygiene reasons you will be required to change into theatre clothing.  Once your child is asleep, a nurse will escort you from the Theatre Suite. Due to the privacy of other patients in the Recovery Area, parents are not permitted to wait in Recovery for their child.

We request that you do not bring other children with you during your child’s admission, as this can be distracting and disruptive to the other patients. Furthermore, no more than two visitors per child are permitted in the ward at any time.