Top Tips for Safe Health Care

Top Tips for Safe Health Care

St Andrew’s Hospital endorses the Top Tips for Safe Health Care summary provided by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQHC). This summary has been produced by the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care to improve the safety of healthcare in Australia. These tips can help you to become more active in your healthcare. A consumer guide is available to all patients, consumers, families and carers and can be accessed via the ACSQHC website: Top Tips for Safe Health Care.pdf

Ask questions

You have the right to ask questions about your care.

Find good information

Not all information is reliable. Ask your doctor for guidance.

Understand the risks and benefits

Find out about your tests and treatments before they happen.

List all your medicines

Ask your doctor or pharmacists if you need more information about the medicines you are taking.

Confirm details or your operation beforehand

Ask to be told who will be doing your procedure and what will happen to you.

Ask about your care after leaving hospital

Ask for a written outline of your treatment and what should happen after you get home.

Know your rights

You have a number of rights as a patient. Click here for more information.

Understand privacy

Your medical information is confidential. You can ask to see your medical record. Click here for more information.

Give feedback

Feedback helps health professionals spot when improvements can be made. Click here to provide your feedback.