Procedural Suite

The St Andrew’s Procedural Suite services people that require a Colonoscopy/Endoscopy, a minor theatre procedure, Angiography or a specialised x-ray. Both adults and children are cared for in the Procedural Suite.

At different stages of your admission, you may be in either a bed or a recliner.

For adult patients attending the Procedural Suite, we suggest you bring comfortable clothing and sensible shoes to wear home. As for children, please bring in their favourite toys, and bottles and formula for those unable to take normal milk.

We also suggest that day procedure patients not drive their car until the next day, as your car insurance may not cover you in case of an accident. In addition, St Andrew’s Hospital advises patients not to drink alcohol on the day of the procedure. Rest assured that the staff will advise you of any other restrictions prior to your discharge.

Please ensure that you have organised a responsible person to pick you up from hospital and someone to remain with you overnight. This is for your safety. We do allow visitors in the area but request that only one visitor be with a patient at a time. Visitors may be asked to vacate the area at certain times due to patient care.