Graduate Nurse Program

St Andrew’s Hospital offers Graduate Registered Nurses the opportunity to work in a large private hospital where the breadth of services and case-mix provide a rich learning environment.

Becoming a graduate is an exciting and often daunting time. A Graduate Nurse Program forms the basis for a successful career in Healthcare as graduates make the transition from student to clinician. We know this is a stressful and often emotional time during which graduates will either re-affirm or change their career goal.

Our Graduate Nurse Program is an important part of our workforce strategy and assists us to ensure we employ the right nurses to fit our culture, help us provide the very best care and service and one day, transition into Nursing Leadership.  

The Learning and Development team across all clinical areas collaborate to provide the graduate with experiences and training that will see them emerge as an independent practitioner.

For many, this is a time during which invaluable lessons are learned, inspiring mentors are identified, and lifelong friendships are developed.

This program is not affiliated with SA Health. A separate application is required for graduates wanting to be considered for a position at St Andrew's.

Why consider St Andrew's for your TPPP?

  • Safe, supportive environment
  • Full-time Graduate Coordinator
  • Extensive orientation and study day program
  • Free clinical education program
  • Uniform allowance
  • Preceptor program
  • Competitive Enterprise Agreement
  • A central location from any Adelaide suburb
  • Salary packaging arrangements
  • Onsite undercover car park
  • Subsidised meals
  • Staff recognition events
  • On site Gym
  • Graduation Ceremony with family and friends

2021 Graduate Nurse Program

  • Applications closed 8am Monday 27th July 2020.
  • Selection process has begun. 
  • Group interviews will be scheduled shortly

Transition to Professional Practice

  • The program is 52 weeks
  • Commences with a comprehensive hospital and area orientation
  • Learning is enhanced through in-house study days
  • Accrued annual leave can be taken throughout the year
  • Contracted hours are approximately 60 hours (0.8) per fortnight with the ability to work extra hours up to full-time with all the benefits.
  • Continued employment post GNP year is considered.

Aims of the Program

To provide the graduate with:

  • opportunities to consolidate and integrate nursing knowledge into practice
  • assistance during the transition from Novice to Advanced Beginner
  • an environment that promotes lifelong professional development
  • supportive preceptors and clinical practitioners
  • competency based performance review systems
  • an environment committed to adult learning principles
  • clinical experience appropriate to the level of competency
  • an understanding of the quality improvement process and influencing change

To successfully gain a place at St Andrew's, graduates will need to demonstrate:

  • Exemplary customer service to everyone they come in contact with
  • The ability to work as a team and cooperate fully with all staff members
  • An endeavour to improve both themselves and the workplace
  • Application of an excellent knowledge base in the clinical setting
  • Safe practice at all times
  • Requirements of the selection criteria

Clinical Experience:

Graduates undertake two 6 month clinical rotations selected from the following clinical areas:

  • General Surgery, Urology and Colorectal Surgery
  • Oncology, Plastics, Gynaecology and Breast Surgery
  • Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Spinal, Vascular, ENT, Gynaecology
  • Intensive Care & High Dependency
  • Cardiac Acute and Step down


Graduates can undertake a full year peri-operative program in ONE of the following areas:

  • Theatre scrub/scout
  • Recovery & Anaesthetics
  • Day Procedure Suite/DOSA - rotating through admission area, stage 2 recovery, scopes


  • The St Andrew’s Graduate Nurse Program will commence in February or March 2021

To Apply: 

  • Applications have now closed.
  • They will reopen in June 2021 for the 2022 program. 


  • We ask that you supply the names and contact details (phone and email) of at least 2 referees; preferably people who have worked with you or supervised you as a nursing student or Registered Nurse 

CV, Transcripts, Working With Children Check (WWCC), Clinical Placement Reports and evidence of visa (where relevant)

  • We will ask you to upload these after the initial application is submitted
  • Please do not upload these initially. Please keep an eye on your email for the instruction and link to do so.  
  • We will then ask for:
    • a copy of your most recent Academic Transcript that records your documented GPA (Grade Point Average), University and student details.  Contact your university if you are not sure where to find this.
    • a copy of your valid Working With Children Check (WWCC) OR DCSI Child-Related Employment Screen  
    • the full report from your last 2 clinical placements

Selection Criteria

St Andrew’s Hospital shortlist a portion of candidates following the initial application process. The selection criteria used to determine who will move forward in the application process includes:

  • Compliance with instructions during the application process 
  • Use of the TPPP Cover Letter template located on our website as instructed
  • Employment History, GPA and student grade patterns
  • Less than 456 hours (3 months full-time equivalent) experience as a Registered Nurse at the time of application (in any setting). 
  • Declaration that the applicant has not completed 3 months or more of a TPPP/GNP anywhere
  • Completed initial course that leads to nursing registration AFTER June 2019
  • Able to be registered with AHPRA before the end of January 2021
  • Legally able to work in Australia for the duration of the program in 2021/2022 and able to demonstrate this at the time of application


  • Not all candidates will be invited to attend an interview.
  • Interviews will be conducted face to face, in small groups during August/September 2020. 
  • Candidates shortlisted from the interviews may be asked to attend a health assessment.


  • Offers will be made during October 2020. 
  • Only those people who have attended an interview can be considered for an offer.
  • Candidates will be offered in the following order of preference 
    • Australian Permanent Residents/Citizens residing in South Australia
    • Australian Permanent Residents/Citizens residing in an Australian state other than South Australia
    • New Zealand Citizens residing in South Australia
    • New Zealand Citizens residing in an Australian state other than South Australia
    • Other applicants
  • The successful candidate will be contacted by telephone and email.
  • The offer must be accepted or rejected within a defined period of time. 
  • Where possible the successful graduate will be allocated their first preference area.    

Employment following acceptance of a position will be subject to the candidate supplying :

  • A current Working With Children Check 
  • Immunisation Screening and evidence of vaccinations for common vaccine preventable diseases 
  • Evidence of eligibility to legally work in Australia, if requested  
  • Registration with AHPRA Click here for more information

Enquiries to:

Kerry Holm
  Graduate Nurse Coordinator, Email:   
Alison Sarles
  Clinical Education Coordinator - Wards, Email: