Other Services


If you require an interpreter during your stay, please notify St Andrew’s before you are admitted. Alternatively, our ward staff can organise the services of an interpreter.


We ask that patients arrange with family members to have their laundry done.  However, we are able to provide a service for those patients with special needs.


Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and pets-for-therapy dogs are welcome at St Andrew’s. Please notify us - prior to admission - that you will be bringing your dog and we will make the appropriate arrangements.  Other animals cannot be accommodated.

Physiotherapy & Allied Services

If you require Physiotherapy or any other Allied Health service, your doctor will be contacted to arrange a referral. For most patients, there is no charge for allied health related treatments whilst in hospital. If unsure, please check with your health fund regarding your entitlements.

It should be noted that St Andrew’s provides, free of charge, the services of a qualified dietitian.