Online Admissions - Frequently Asked Questions

I was in St Andrew’s Hospital recently - do I need to redo the forms?

It is best that the hospital has the most up to date information possible for your upcoming admission. While you do not have to completely redo your forms it is advisable to review the information that you have previously submitted online and it does not take long. To do this either register your phone number and email through our website here, or call the Helpdesk on 8408 2504 and an invitation will be sent.


I’ve logged in and it says that there are no activities to complete

New admission date:

The first thing to look for is a pending invitation, if there is one, click it and follow the instructions provided. If there is no pending invitation call the Helpdesk (8408 2504) and an invitation will be sent.

Previously started:

Congratulations you have nothing to complete for the upcoming admission at the moment. You may have other activities to complete closer to the admission date but you will be sent a message to let you know they are there.


I’ve made a mistake and I can’t go back

If it is related to your name or date of birth please ring the Helpdesk (8408 2504).

If it is within one of the forms and you haven’t submitted the form there is a little button with two arrows next to the submit button. Press this until you get to the page you require.

If you have submitted the form please ring the Helpdesk and we will mark the form as incomplete and you can review the information that you have provided.


I have done all the forms why have I got a message to say they are not all completed?

There are a number of different forms that need to be completed when doing online forms. Two of the forms that will be available to complete at the beginning are the Admission Form and the Health History Assessment Form - Combined.

Sometimes it is easy to complete one and not complete the rest of the forms.

Alternatively, if you have completed the form but not pressed the submit button it will say it is 'for review' and is considered incomplete. If you log back in and press the submit button, it will be complete.

In addition to this, there are other forms that may be assigned closer to your admission date.


I can’t sign the forms online

To sign on the computer you need to place the cursor over the box then while left clicking move the mouse in the shape of your signature.

If this doesn’t work putting a mark, like a dot, in the box will allow you to move forward in the form and the signatures can be collected on admission.


My procedure was cancelled - why am I still getting messages from Personify?

Unfortunately, our two systems do not always communicate well with each other. If you would like to stop receiving the messages you can call the Helpdesk on 8408 2504 and they can stop this for you. Alternatively, you can ignore the messages and after your procedure date they will stop.


What is DVA?

DVA stands for the Department of Veterans Affairs.