Before You Arrive

To minimise delays we ask that you:

  • Please complete the online Admission by following this link

  • Bring a signed, up-to-date medication list with you to the Pre-Admission Clinic (if you attend) or to the hospital on the day of admission and give it to the admitting nurse.
  • Follow your admitting Doctor’s instructions regarding admission date and time, fasting and taking medications prior to surgery. Please note that unless specifically instructed by your doctor "fasting" means nothing to eat or drink.

  • Check your hospital account details:
    • If you have private health cover, please confirm your insurance status with your health fund. Any excess, gap, co-payment etc must be paid on admission
    • If you have a compensation claim (Worker’s compensation, Third Party, etc) please confirm your entitlement for this admission with your insurer
    • If you are uninsured or self-insured, please contact our Patient Accounts department on (08) 8408 2016 for an estimated cost of hospitalisation. This must be paid on or prior to admission.