Meet our Leaders

When our staff come to work, they are surrounded by friendly, supportive leaders, engaged teammates and great facilities. We know that happy employees provide the best service, so our leaders focus strongly on ensuring the wellbeing and engagement of our staff to make St Andrew's a truly great place to work. Below is just a small collection of some our wonderful leadership group here at St Andrew's.

Stephen Walker - Chief Executive Officer

Jacquie Wiley - Director of Nursing & Clinical Services
Caroline Handley - Director - Human Resources
Dale Broomfield - Associate Director of Nursing, Theatre & Procedural Areas
Leandra Spencer - Clinical Manager Theatre
Sharon Blaney - Clinical Manager Anaesthetics & Recovery
Joyce Restell - Clinical Manager Angiography
Carla Zampatti - Clinical Manager Emergency Department
Lisa Mucklow - Clinical Manager Chemotherapy Suite
Tash Mitrovic - CSSD Manager
Kerry Holm - Graduate Nurse Coordinator
Anita Ritzau - Pre-Admission Clinic Coordinator