Chapel / Chaplain


Many of our patients find it helpful to talk to our Pastoral Visitors and Chaplains. Through a ‘caring presence’ and a ‘listening ear’ our Chaplaincy Team can offer significant support to patients and families.

Our full-time Coordinating Chaplain endeavours to visit all patients, including those referred by staff, those undergoing surgery, non-Christians, those with no religious affiliation, and patients from a religious group that do not have an accredited chaplain in the hospital.

In many instances, Chaplains have lay pastoral care visitors assisting them. The lay pastoral visitor team regularly visit patients, with the chaplain present only upon request.

St Andrew’s Hospital has formally recognised representatives from most denominations.

The holistic care offered - through St Andrew’s Chaplaincy Services - reflects the hospital’s mission to provide medical and surgical excellence in a caring environment.


If you are seeking a moment of quiet reflection the St Andrew's Hospital Chapel is open between 7.00am and 6.30pm (Monday-Friday). Patients and visitors may access the Chapel through a corridor near the lifts in the hospital foyer.

The St Andrew's Hospital Chapel was originally the coach house for Waverley House, and stands in the south east corner of the hospital grounds. It was constructed circa 1876 and was converted into a Chapel in 1989.