Grateful Patient Appeal

Nursing is at the heart of everything we do.

Our nurses work every single day to save lives, ease anxieties, comfort families, learn and innovate, and to give hope in some of life’s hardest moments. Their passion, teamwork, and commitment is the defining experience of St Andrew’s Hospital for our patients and community.

If you have recently been a patient, or visited a loved one, then you will have a unique understanding of the challenges our nursing teams have faced due to COVID-19. 

In an ever-changing environment they have worked tirelessly to reassure, to support and to keep safe our patients while blanketed in a barrier of personal protective equipment, and while also navigating their own personal journeys through the pandemic.

The world is living this experience together, and what we know for sure is that nurses have been the backbone of care. 

DONATE TODAY and you will be helping to support over 250 educational programs, scholarships, wellbeing initiatives and minor equipment needs of our nursing teams.

We are extremely proud of the performance of this hospital, and the amazing contribution and dedication of our clinical teams to remain patient-focussed, to keep learning and innovating, and to work together to meet the almost daily changes to safety requirements.

This year we want to strengthen our healthcare services by showing our exceptional, dedicated and highly skilled nurses how grateful the community is for their hard work. Your generous gift will help support world-class care for patients and their families at St Andrew’s Hospital by honouring the extraordinary achievements of our nurses.

Thank you from the St Andrew's Hospital Foundation.