Allocation of Rooms

Bed allocations are generally made on the day of admission.  However the allocation of a private room is subject to availability and priority is based on clinical needs.  

We will make every effort to ensure that your desired accommodation request is met, but unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees.  If you have any clinical reasons for a private room, we suggest that you attend the hospital’s Pre-Admission Clinic to discuss these reasons in detail.

Boarding Facilities for Adults

St Andrew’s Hospital understands that occasionally a patient may require someone to stay overnight with them. Boarding is permitted if:

  • The patient is a child
  • The patient does not speak English and needs a family member to interpret regularly or to assist with care
  • The patient has a fulltime carer or has dementia
  • The patient is terminally ill

In these situations there will be no charge for accommodation or a meal for one relative. A recliner chair or camp bed will be provided for one boarder.