Happy 5th Anniversary ECD!

May 31, 2023


Today we are celebrating the 5th anniversary of our Eastern Clinical Development (ECD). 

Opened officially on 31 May, 2018 by then Governor, Hieu Van Le, this incredible facility allowed us to rethink the way our patients experience healthcare.

The significant build project was undertaken and delivered with the firm commitment from the hospital to design a building that put our patients’ comfort and recovery at the forefront of our decision making.

Extensive research and consultation with team members and patients drove much of the building’s architectural design, layout and aesthetics.

The new building also resulted in the acquisition of a large amount of new equipment to provide the best patient care. This also required a significant amount of time spent by staff in training to ensure they were comfortable with the new equipment.

Key features of the building were:

  • new day surgery centre, 28-bed ward, staff gym and 3 level underground carpark
  • relocation of central sterile services department to former procedure/angio suite area
  • installation of an environmentally efficient Tri Generation plant that produces our base load electrical supply and uses the waste heat for a range of other applications

The Board of St Andrew’s was keen to see the new ECD building deliver the best possible care and latest medical treatment. It was also committed to respecting the history of a rich past, both within St Andrew’s own grounds and throughout the surrounding suburb. The project was about exceptional care, innovation, and also about being a good neighbour.

The project won several awards at the time including:

  • 2019 AIB National High Commendation Award
  • 2019 AIB South Australia Professional Excellence Winner – Project Management
  • 2019 AIPM South Australia Winner Construction/Engineering
  • European Health Care Design Awards – High Commendation
  • Master Builders Award – Excellence in Commercial Building $20m – $50m

Thank you to all our staff, past and present, who have helped to make this development such a great success as a centre of care for our patients.


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