Other Quality & Safety Indicators


Rapid Response Calls are made when concern exists for the patient condition and extra help is required to prevent the patient condition from worsening.

Lower rate is a good result. The rate of Rapid Response calls with Cardiopulmonary Arrest is 0.071% which is slightly higher than the ACHS Private National Average of 0.065%. Some of the arrests were sudden and had no early signs which could be acted on prior to the event.

FALLS 2019-2020

The hospital monitors its falls rate in a number of ways, included are the Total Number of Falls. We benchmark our fall rates against the ACHS rates and as shown by the graph below.

A lower rate is a good result for both of these indicators. The rate of falls is 0.17% which is lower than the ACHS Private National Average of 0.21%. This is an outstanding result.