Happy St Andrew’s Day

November 30, 2023


We have many traditions and celebrations at St Andrew’s Hospital. One of our most special is St Andrew’s Day.

On 30 November every year, our leadership team down tools and visits with staff across the hospital to recognise and appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Every year orders for delicious Haigh’s chocolates, another South Australian icon, are placed early in the year to make sure we have the right amount for staff and volunteers alike. The practice of distributing chocolates and the personal visits we hope contributes to a sense of community and gratitude among our staff and volunteers.

The Years of Service celebrations in Waverley House also provide a special moment to acknowledge and thank longstanding staff members for their commitment and contributions.

St Andrew’s Day is also the anniversary of the founding of our Foundation. For over 20 years now our St Andrew’s Hospital Foundation has been working to help resource our hospital by investing in state-of-the-art equipment, funding modern patient environments and working responsively with our leadership team to provide comprehensive support.

Our namesake day provides us with an annual opportunity to stop, reflect, and to reconnect with teams. We are a workforce of 850, many of which work part time, so it’s important to keep care of our own community, so we can all work together to care for our patient community.

Wishing you a very happy St Andrew’s Day!