Thank you to our Volunteers!

December 12, 2023


Our volunteers are always worth celebrating - especially at Christmas time. 🎄

We had a lovely event last week at the Pavillion on South Terrace to say a big THANK YOU to our volunteers for all that they do throughout the year to help support our St Andrew's Hospital community.

From our Patron Mrs Lan Le, "Together you have welcomed nervous patients, and concerned families and friends, into the hospital. You have taken them where they needed to go safely, and with warmth and care. Together you have also kept the coffee going! You have created a space that is warm and inviting, where patients, families, friends, staff and specialists can be at ease. You are all contributors to this great hospital, and please know that all your efforts are valuable, welcome and essential to the success of St Andrew’s."

Sooo many lovely photos, but here are a few. What a gorgeous crew!